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A special service provided by MSME DI-Chennai Experts Panel.

   Professional consulting for EXISTING ENTREPRENEURS, Engineers, Professionals either doing Export or first time Exporter who need help now. Consultation responses can be provided in as fast as one business day from receipt of request. Guidance, Advice, brief analyses, facts, ideas or opinion.

SUBJECTS Import Export documentation, marketing information,
hand holding for EXIM....
Who can Consultant us Most manufacturing, Exporters, Importers,
Consulting Agency, Agents, Brokers, Students.
Export Import Consulting is a means to consult easily via E-mail with an experienced professional in Import and Export.It is designed for situations where an hour or two of expert consultation may assist a solution by providing guidance, ideas, facts or simply a different perspective. Where there are time pressure this format offers a round-the-clock 'Internet' alternative to the traditional methods of hiring a consultant. Answers are provided quickly and with minimal bureaucratic overhead. It is friendly and confidential. Where necessary fully executed confidentiality agreements can be provided.

Who is eligible?

  Export Import consulting is primarily intended only for those technically qualified professionals who are actually facing the problem and only for the purpose of trying to solve the technical problem related Import and Export. The working professional is best able to communicate such problems and is usually technically most competent in that respect.

Types of problem?

  Quick questions or help with a problem. The following are examples of the types of situation where online consulting may help get you out of trouble, provide useful information or resolve a potential roadblock quickly.
New tasks :
You suddenly need assistance from an expert or a specialty you don't have access to. Here an online consultation may provide you with enough information to get you started in the right direction or simply confirm your initial conclusions, by, for instance, educating you in the key terminology, the actual scope of the specialty or potential pitfalls. However, if this new task is defined by specific objectives then, unless these are short and simply defined, they may form a component of a more formal contractual consulting assignment.

How to prepare and submit a consultation request

  • Read this page, preferably from the top.
  • Check that the subject field which describes your problem is covered.
  • Check consultant availability. Also, check the current Online Consultation notice in Brief Notices.
  • Decide if confidentiality is an issue. An executed confidentiality agreement is required by MSME DI CHENNAI prior to consultation if proprietary information is to be disclosed to MSME DI CHENNAI which is deemed of value to the client and which the client specifically wishes to be held in confidence.
  • Describe your request in up to about 500 words, being as technically precise as possible.
  • Classify your expectations for the consultation as one of the following:
  • Guidance (what would I do)
  • Search for clues (mystery)
  • Factual (specialized knowledge or simple facts you can't seem to find anywhere or don't have the time to hunt down)
  • Assistance with a specific task.
  • Need ideas and suggestions.
  • Help ! (Anything you've got that might help)

  • Select a priority - I consider all online consulting requests high priority. However, within that context is your problem:
  • HIGH PRIORITY - response sent by the end of the next business day after the day of receipt of the request.
  • NORMAL - response sent within 2 business days after the day of receipt.
  • TWO DIFFERENT QUESTIONS - select this option if there are two different but context related questions you need answered with similar depth. This option is processed as normal priority and charged at 1.5 times the normal rate unless one of the two questions is unanswerable when it will then be charged at the normal rate. Response sent within 2 business days after the day of receipt.
  • Describe your request in up to about 500 words, being as technically precise as possible.
  • Read and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Your e-mail must include a concise statement of the problem, a clear statement that the request is for an Online Consultation and that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms as described on this web page, your billing address, full name and title or position.
  • MSME DI,Chennai has an official privacy policy concerning the use of your contact information.

How requests are handled

  • TIMING :
    Monday to Friday the deadline for submitting requests is 6 PM (IST).
  • REVIEW :
    Your request is reviewed for complete information. Requests with incomplete required information such as billing address or the necessary contact information are discarded without acknowledgment.
    Your request is either accepted or declined and so acknowledged as soon as possible after receipt. In certain cases it may be obvious that I need some item of additional information or clarification. This will be noted in the acknowledgment as "PROVISIONALLY ACCEPTED" - on hold pending receipt of the following additional information Please advise."
    Overload requests are acknowledged with: DECLINED DUE TO OVERLOAD PLEASE RESUBMIT IN 24 HOURS. Resubmission is your way of controlling the process. Your deadline may change or pass in the interim making resubmission either out of the question or O.K.

What you receive

  • Acknowledgment This is sent to you as soon as possible. It confirms receipt of your request, and includes an ACCEPT or DECLINE statement, a copy of your original request, a statement of the fee and an extra copy of the terms and conditions.
  • Consultation This comprises my written technical response which may be 1 to 2 pages as necessary and an addendum specifying your options for further consultation if this seems appropriate. NOTE: On some occasions I will work on a problem I had initially accepted only to find that I reach a dead-end and cannot provide the assistance I thought I would. In these cases you will receive a reduced consultation response so stating and with NO CHARGE noted.
  • Follow up option For each rapid consultation you have the automatic option for one follow up consultation in the same format at any time within 30 days after the date on the original consultation. You will still need to check my availability. Follow up consultations must relate to the original inquiry, be requested by the original client and will be in the form of clarifications or further questions after you have had more time to think or have obtained more data. Follow up consultations are given as much consideration and are treated in exactly the same way as the original consultation, but they are charged at half the price.
  • Paper Invoice A separate paper invoice will be mailed to your billing address. Payment is due immediately upon receipt (see Terms and Conditions). Please note that the requester is responsible for payment and also that no purchase orders are accepted for this service.

What it costs

  The cost to you of an Export Import Consultation is low compared with regular hourly consulting rates and is fixed. This is possible due to the simplicity of the format and is specifically intended to help reduce cost barriers.

Terms, Conditions And Disclaimer

  MSME Development Institute, Chennai guarantees that it will give a rapid response, via e-mail to any online consulting assignment accepted by our Experts. Client acknowledges that the purpose of online consulting is to give rapid assistance on the specific question(s) submitted by client and accepted by our Experts, and that online consulting is not intended to solve client's larger issue or problem. Payment is due immediately upon online receipt of invoice and indicates full acceptance of the work provided and completion of our expert consulting assignment. Fees are fixed and in the amounts specified at this website. Payment must be by online only, made out to MSME DI CHENNAI.. While every effort is made to insure the best possible service, adoption of advice, utilization of ideas, analyses, marketing information, Business lead related in any way to the consultation given by MSME DI, Chennai to a client is the sole responsibility of the client. Client acknowledges that the compensation to be paid to MSME DI, Chennai for this consultation is modest in relation to the value of the consultation to client, and the financial risks inherent in the project(s) of client to which the consultation relates. Accordingly, in no event shall MSME DI, Chennai have any liability or responsibility to client in excess of amounts paid to MSME DI, Chennai as compensation. This includes any special, indirect or consequential damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data or profits, whether in an action for breach of contract, negligence or otherwise arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of the consultation provided by MSME DI, Chennai or any associated information provided by MSME DI, Chennai to client. In the event that advice provided by MSME DI, Chennai via online consulting leads to new intellectual property, MSME DI, Chennai agrees that this shall be the property of the client. However, MSME DI, Chennai provides no warranties that such advice, ideas, etc. leading to the new intellectual property does not or will not infringe other intellectual property rights. The submission of requests for online consulting requires full acceptance of these terms, and implies the authority of the requesting individual to accept these terms. If the individual does not have the authority to accept these terms and conditions on behalf of his or her employer, then this contract is deemed to be between MSME DI, Chennai and the individual requesting the consultation.

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