MSME - DFO Services

The Services Offered by MSME DFO Chennai and its Branches at Coimbatore, Madurai & its Workshop Centre at Tirunelveli are

  • Implementation of Schemes and Services pertaining to MSME sector of Govt. of India.
  • Advising the Government in policy formulation for the promotion and development of MSMEs.
  • Maintaining a close liaison with the Central Ministries, State Governments, Financial Institutions and other Organisations concerned with development of MSMEs.
  • Evolving and coordinating Policies and Programmes for development of MSMEs as ancillaries to large industries.

  • (a) Technical Assistance

    (i) Technical Assistance

    The MSME – Development Institute, Chennai and Branch MSME – Development Institutes at Coimbatore and Madurai, Workshop Centre at Tirunelveli guides prospective and existing entrepreneurs in selection of product, process & machinery, Plant layout, Raw material selection, Modernization, infrastructure Development, Quality improvement, Product development, Energy conservation, Pollution control, MSME Registration, etc. This insitutte provides a comprehensive range of facilities and services such as techno-managerial services & consultancy, training needs, common facility workshop, laboratories, statistical and economic information in the state of Tamil Nadu & Puducherry. This Institute has a team of dedicated and experienced officers in various trades like, Mechanical, Electrical, Metallurgy, Chemical, Food, Glass & Ceramic, Leather, Textiles, Economics & Statistics disciplines.Entrepreneurs may visit the Institute and consult the concerned trade Officers on any working day (Monday to Friday).

    (ii) Cluster Development

    This Institute provides techno-managerial assistance for development of clusters in the State. Under Office of DC MSME Cluster Development Programme, MSME DFO, Chennai has completed 26 nos of Common Facility Center (CFCs) and 19 nos of Cluster has on-going common facility centre (CFCs) in Tamil nadu. And also Infrastructure Development (ID) Projects (Industrial Estate) - 31 nos completed and 13 nos ongoing in Tamil Nadu and 1 no ID Projects ongoing in Puducherry. For details, MSE CDP Click Here
    1. To support the sustainability and growth of MSEs by addressing common issues such as improvement of technology, skills & quality, market access, etc.
    2. To build capacity of MSEs for common supportive action through formation of self help groups, consortia, upgradation of associations, etc.
    3. To create/upgrade infrastructural facilities in the new/existing Industrial Areas/Clusters of MSEs.
    4. To set up Common Facility Centres (for testing, training, raw material depot, effluent treatment, complementing production processes, etc).
    5. Promotion of green & sustainable manufacturing technology for the clusters so as to enable units switch to sustainable and green production processes and products.

    (iii) Project Profiles

    This Institute prepares and updates project profiles on select viable projects in the micro and small scale sector. These profiles contain brief information about the product, ISI specifications, manufacturing process, requirement of capital, manpower and materials, economics of working, market and address of suppliers of raw materials and machinery. For details of some products, Project Profiles Click Here

    (iv) Seminars and Workshop

    This Institute organises different type of Awareness, Seminars and Workshop for MSMEs like incubator Schemes, Energy Efficiency Technology, Design Clinic, IPR Scheme, ZED Schemes, Lean Manufacturing, etc.

    (v) Modernization

    Specific studies modernization and technical / technological upgradation of units are taken up under this programme.

    (vi) Capacity Assessments

    Capacity Assessments of MSMEs Unit are conducted on payment of prescribed fee.

    (b) Skill Development

    MSME-DI Chennai regularly organizes training programmes for prospective entrepreneurs, for management personnel of MSEs and for developing skills required for small enterprises. Developing Human Resources through training and skill upgradation. The training programmes are of Five categories
    1. Industrial Motivation Campaign (IMC) for youth - 1 to 2 Days duration
    2. Industrial Motivation Campaign (IMC) for Cluster - 1 Day duration
    3. Entrpreneurship Awareness Programme (EAP)- 2 weeks duration
    4. Entrpreneurship Skill Development Programme (ESDP)- 6 weeks duration
    5. Management Development Programme (MDP)- 2 weeks duration

    More information related to MSME DFO Chennai Training Programme Click here and to know more about ESDP Clicke here for DC MSME website.

    (c) Entrepreneurship Facilitation Cell (EFC)

    The Entrepreneurship Facilitation Cell in the MSME – Development & Facilitation Office, Chennai and Branch MSME – Development Institutes at Coimbatore guides prospective and existing entrepreneurs in setting up of new units, selection of product, process & machinery, Plant layout, Raw material selection, Modernization, Quality improvement, Product development, Energy conservation, Pollution control, MSME Registration, etc. Entrepreneurs may visit the Institute and consult the EFC Officers on any working day (Monday to Friday).

    (d) Market Development

    MSME-DFO Chennai assists Micro and Small Enterprises in expanding their market base by assisting them in creating market linkages, through many promotional measures. The Institute regularly organizes Vendor Development Programmes at National and State level. These programmes provide an ideal platform for the MSEs to exhibit their capabilities. Large Scale Units / Public Sector Enterprises are invited to exhibit their requirements. The common platform helps the PSUs in identifying suitable vendors for their outsourcing needs while MSEs find good markets in meeting their demands.

    MSME-DFO also assists MSEs to visit and participate in International Trade Fairs by providing subsidy in travel and space rent. MSEs are also enabled to participate in selected Domestic Trade Fairs

    (e) Export Promotion Facilitation Cell

    MSME DFO Chennai provides guidance to entrepreneurs for export promotion activities and also organizes training programmes on Export Management- Export Packaging- Export Marketing- Export Policies and Procedures etc. It facilitates small scale units in participating in International Trade Fairs in various countries.

    (f) Economic Investigation & Statistics

    (i) Industrial Potentiality Survey Reports:

    This Office guides prospective entrepreneurs in selection of products and location. It periodically prepares District Industrial Potentiality Survey Reports of all the 33 districts of Tamil Nadu and 4 District of Union Territory of Puducherry. Preparation of District/State Industrial Profile Reports and Providing economic information services. Entrepreneurs may visit the Institute and consult the concerned trade Officers on any working day (Monday to Friday).

    (ii) Study of sick units:

    MSME DFO Chennai conducts Diagnostic studies for identifying the reasons for sickness of sick units. Proposals for rehabilitation of the unit are then given.

    (g) GST Facilitation Cell

    This GST Facilitation Cell in the institute provides facilities for new GST Registration and GST return Filing -monthly, quarterly, annually at nominal cost to entrepreneurs / MSME units. Entrepreneurs may visit the GST cell on any working day (Monday to Friday).

    (h) CHAMPIONS (Creation and Harmonious Application of Modern Processes for Increasing the Output and National Strength)

    The State Champions Control Room (SCCR) was setup in the institute to resolve / rectify the grievance of MSME units and suggestion froms MSMEs in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. Entrepreneurs may visit the SCCR on any working day.
    Three basic objectives of the CHAMPIONS:
    1. To help the MSMEs in this difficult situation in terms of finance, raw materials, labour, permissions, etc.
    2. To help the MSMEs capture new opportunities including manufacturing of medical items & accessories.
    3. To identify the sparks, i.e., the bright MSMEs who can withstand at present and become national and international champions.

  • The grievance / suggestion / any other related queries on MSMEs will be raised using Champions website portal click here